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We collaborate with best institutions – academic and commercial.

SIRC builds on close ties with selected academic, commercial and NGO institutions.

SIRC became member of the Polish Space Industry Association in July 2015.


SIRC is also member of the Interizon cluster. Interizon creates an ecosystem of innovation for the development of enterprises of the ICT industry and for achieving joint objectives of the Cluster Members in Pomerania.logo_top

Furthermore, SIRC cooperates with a number of top academic labs within publicly funded projects as well as on bilateral basis. We collaborate directly with Warsaw University of Technology, Military University of Technology in Warsaw and the Institute of Electron Technology.


We are also exploiting synergies with other companies, both in Poland and abroad, i.e. SF Microwave, MindMade, and Bioseco.

While designing our integrated circuits we are using ADS design environment produced by Keysight Technologies.